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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

torsdag 22 juni 2017

Be careful

Right now there are very dry in the Canoe area Nordmarken. There is great risk for forest fire in the whole DANO Canoe Area. There is also a fire ban since years ago, and it´s only allowed making fire on the approved campsites.
These campsites you can find on the canoe map and they all have a number. So don’t make large fire in the nature the service team will be out checking that all guest are following these rules to prevent forest fire and so the landowners can be happy and they don’t get there forest burned down.
We at Nordmarken Kanot Center wish you all a fine midsummer and have a nice and good tour in Nordmarken.
The photo is just a campfire to large, so make small fire if you have to and control it carefully and pur lot of water on it before you leave.

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