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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center. You can find our English partner on We are also on FACEBOOK print Nordmarken Kanot AB

lördag 22 juli 2017

Sorry the people dont understand the art of silence in nature.

The first group from a Travel Agency came back to Base Camp Risviken after a week’s canoeing in Nordmarken.  A new group arrived to day and will take off tomorrow for another weeks paddling. 
Some guests from Europe don’t understand the way at living in the nature and there has been too much noise on some of the approved camp sites. We are sorry that some guests don’t understand that other folks come to Nordmarken to have good time and will enjoy the silence in the wilderness instead of high voices and loud music in the evening around the campfire.

Wilderness paddling in nature is a form of life style, and it’s not a party time like some large tourist area in south Europe.
We have given the new group a lot of rules and information and do hope they will understand our way of outdoor activities at our Canoe Center and among our college in Nordmarken to give all visitors a good experience and a will to come back.

tisdag 18 juli 2017

Farther and son back for tour number 24.

This father and son have been our guests since 1992. They started 25 years ago but one year they didn’t come so they were back for tour number 24 today... They have done almost 24 weeks in the canoe area, but his year the grand children came with them so the tour was a bit shorter this year. Since they started they had a put up sign on a piece of timber with the different year out in the area but the old tree want down so now we have the fine memory at our reception and we are really proud to have this memory.

måndag 17 juli 2017

All canoes on tour

Today 17/7 all canoes gone on tour. Good for us but not so good for guests who want to make a late reservation. In the and of this month and whole August we do have some free canoes again.

Back after 25 years, WOW

The lady in this family was our guest 25 years ago. Some also in the same family has been our guest several times years ago. Now they return for a week paddling in Nordmarken with their children.
The first night they stay at our Base Camp and had a nice fire in the evening before take-off. It’s a good idea just to check equipment and stuff before starting the tour. As usual it’s always nice with returning guests

fredag 14 juli 2017

The RECON team in Action from Route du Soleil.

Today 14th of July a Recon Team from Route du Soleil in Belgium arrived to our Base Camp in Risviken. They set up the camp for the group who arrive tomorrow so everything will be in perfect order to the participants when they show up.
After canoe instruction, information about the area and how to behave in the nature, rules of fire making etc before they will take off for a 6 days tour in the DANO Canoe area. The following weeks it will be the same on Saturdays and Sundays.

I think this is a follow up of the two TV programs we made this early summer at Nordmarken Canoe Center to be shown in Belgium.

onsdag 12 juli 2017

Klättring långt från att paddla.

Det kommer fortfarande ”gamla” kunder till oss på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.  I går eftermiddag kom en vän till en av våra tidigare instruktörer, som tillsammans paddlat Dalslands Kanot Maraton i en av mina Macfie kanoter. Det var många år sedan. Nu kom han med ett fint kamratgäng och ville prova på klättring på klättertornet. De var ett 20 tal så vi körde på två täter, den ena leden lite enklare och den andra betydligt svårare. Många klarade av att komma till tops under ivriga hejarop från vännerna.

Senare på kvällen ringde en man som i sin ungdom i början på 80-talet var här med sin kompis på en längre kanottur i Nordmarken. Nu ville vännerna göra om bedriften i mitten av augusti, vilket vi ser fram mot.

söndag 9 juli 2017

Back after many years, WOW

Today a lady returns to Nordmarken Canoe Center with her family. She have been a student when I< was a teacher at ÅGY School in Årjäng. She took part for 1 year at Bushcraft guide program with both Canoe activities, Wilderness First Aid, Outdoor life winter time and normal summer Outdoor life.
After school she was at Nordmarken Canoe Center as trainee and took part of a large program with 130 members from a Danish bank that had program in 4 days with a lot of different wilderness activities.

She has been our guest several times since the first time. Again return Business.

lördag 8 juli 2017

Grand old team on tour in Nordmarken.

Last afternoon 7 July the  Odense Sea Kayak Club return to Base Camp at Nordmarken Kanot Center in Risviken after a  week paddling  in ”The Real Canoe Country” Nordmarken. At arrival they took at bath in the Indian Sweat Lodge and a dip in the Hot Tub after, and then in to the lake for a swim.
No photos “all was naked”.
After the bath we help the team to arrange a grill party, and it was a nice evening  and a bit tired team who went to their single tent at our Base Camp 1. They have had a very good tour and almost alone on the camp sites. I was told that they will return next season. Welcome back.

Last day at Risviken and Nordmarken Canoe Center

After a week with perfect weather for canoeing the Duke of Edinburgh group came back to Base Camp in Risviken. They made a long and strong tour and cover all lakes in the south, down to Bengtsfors. Some long portage and then back via lake Svärdlången and Västra Silen. Nice evening after a hot shower and then campfire and then an early return to sleeping bags. After a wilderness week. In the early morning before going back to England a little bit of fine rain. Some of the canoe guides will return in September with another group from England.

fredag 7 juli 2017

Well done, thank you.

Today a family came back after a week in the canoe area Nordmarken. Extremely good and warm weather the whole week. When they came to shore they laid down 3 plastic bags with garbage. One with metal and cans. One with plastic and one with thing that can burn. That’s the way a lot of other canoers can learn from. This family have some of them been our guest before years ago and we are very pleased that guests act the way we tell them. Thank You that you help us to keep the canoe area nice for the future generation and we who live here.

torsdag 6 juli 2017

Great danger for forest fire.

Right now the forest and nature is very dry. It’s dangerous to light a campfire, It´s warm and windy and perfect that accident can happen and we got a forest fire. In the DANO Canoe area it’s only allowed to make a very small fire in these camps and you have to take full responsibilities not to start a wildfire.

But there are more to do in the canoe area. Start early morning just when the sun goes up are just before it goes down, if you are hiding yourself near a shore there is a very good chance to see a moose coming to the lake to drink water. Have had several people who have seen moose or deer at the waterfront. So good luck

tisdag 4 juli 2017

Rainford group back again.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award group from Rainford College are back again this year with total 23 people. This time on a long canoe tour with 3 separate routes they have been planning for about a year. They have done a lot of Canoe- and Bushcraft training in England before arrival to Nordmarken Canoe Center. It´s always nice to have back the teachers and leaders from the School and they have been out guest at least 6 times before with different students every year.

lördag 1 juli 2017

First time in Risviken 1979 WOW.

1979 was the first time two of this group was at Nordmarken Canoe Center. Since  that year they have been back several times. This year  they to a very long and fine tour. First to Järnsjön, then up to Glaskogen and paddling  in some of the fine wilderness lakes up there. Very good weather and during the week and they cower about 25 kilometre a day, They came back and return hired equipment what we call MVG. Thank you and welcome back for a new wilderness tour in the future.

Another repeat business

This couple was our guests 10 years ago with some friends and family. Now they return for a week’s adventure. Children 3 and 5 years old hade a very good time they told me in “secret”. The family made a very good decision to stay mostly at our Base Camp and paddle to some nice beaches in the surrounding of Risviken.

torsdag 22 juni 2017

Be careful

Right now there are very dry in the Canoe area Nordmarken. There is great risk for forest fire in the whole DANO Canoe Area. There is also a fire ban since years ago, and it´s only allowed making fire on the approved campsites.
These campsites you can find on the canoe map and they all have a number. So don’t make large fire in the nature the service team will be out checking that all guest are following these rules to prevent forest fire and so the landowners can be happy and they don’t get there forest burned down.
We at Nordmarken Kanot Center wish you all a fine midsummer and have a nice and good tour in Nordmarken.
The photo is just a campfire to large, so make small fire if you have to and control it carefully and pur lot of water on it before you leave.

torsdag 8 juni 2017

Holmedal Byskola klassorna 1 och 2 på vildmarksäventyr

TV programmera, fiske gäster och i dag en skolklass från Holmedal både klasserna 1 och 2, så det är en del rörelse på Nordmarkens Kanot Center. Alltid like kul med ungdomar på vildmarksäventyr och i dag var det 17 ungdomar, med full fart och bra disciplin som genomförde ett 10-tal olika moment.
En grupp, Lodjuren vann, men gruppen Vargarna kom in som stark tvåa (det var bara två lag)!

Vi hade vädret på vår sida och kunna grillakorv utan att det regnade. Tack till högre makter och ett gäng fina trevliga ungdomar från Byskolan i Holmedal.

tisdag 6 juni 2017

D-Day Overlord 6 June 1044

Today 6th of June was the time for operation Overlord or D-day 73 years ago. Thousands of young boys were killed on the shore of Normandy in the early morning. What have we learned?
I will have a candle burning all day when I’m in the house just to remember with respect.

tisdag 30 maj 2017

Talk in the evening, prepere for the future.

Last evening the canoe outfitters who are member of Scandinavian Canoe Outfitters Association, SCOA, had a meeting with the DANO Service Crew. The DANO Crew, who are the service team who are taking care of the ca 110 approved camps in the canoe area. Checking fire wood, collect garbage from stupid folks leave behind them in the nature and give a lot of service to canoers.

Together with the Canoe Outfitter and the DANO Crew we had a little grill party near a portage between two lakes. Stories, memories from years ago and even how we together can make the Canoe area better in the future for our guest. We do this almost every year and it´s nice to sit in the evening around a camp fire and listen to the nature.  

söndag 28 maj 2017

How to speed up paddling for kids.

This morning a Danish group, with a lot of kids, return to Base Camp at Nordmarken Canoe Center. They started early at camp 80 and the promise was that the kids will get pancakes after  taking care of canoes and other equipment. Everything was done in about one hour and a lot of nice pancakes were served at the camp fire.

lördag 27 maj 2017

Bättre väg för alla

I dag den 27 maj 2017 invigde vi nyasfalteringen m.m. vägen Sillegårdsed –Risviken, bortagande av sten, rensning av klippväggar, kantförstärkning , vitmakering och till och med Hajtänder vid vägslutet. Totalt lite mera än 7 km. Nu efter nästan ett år, med diverse avbrott är allt klart Det är en mycket viktig dag för oss som bor efter vägen. Respekt för de som arbetar för att få till det.
En kuriosa är ju att Peter den Store grundlade Sankt  Petersburg den 27 maj år 1703 och 340.000 engelska soldater evakuerades från Dunkerque just på denna dag  i Operation Dynamo år 1940. 

  det finns historisk vingslag som vi som bor efter vägen kan luta oss mot. Vi har också invigt en viktig händelse med fika vid Badbarnen för ett 70 tal intresserade som bor efter vägen. Suveränt.
Ny generation klipper bandet,

fredag 26 maj 2017

Hard work on Portage.

There are many ways to do a Portage between lakes in Nordmarken. Five fathers with eight kids are on tour n very good weather. Mostly all of them have been our guests some years ago and are now back to “The Real Canoe Country” for a tour to give the young ones there first canoe tour.
The adults have a lot to do but all the young ones are happy to help in camp. Extreme good weather sun, very little wind and no waves so far.

söndag 21 maj 2017

Good fishing, salute!.

Today and the coming week we have fishing guest in our wilderness house Bockudden. 3 fully equipped fishing boat with two fishermen in each. This morning a very good catch with some pikes and one 1.25m long Pike around 10 kilo. A good catch of around 20 Perch. It’s always nice when our guests get fine fish and just in early summer and late summer the fish is very good. There are both Salmon and Lake Trout in the lake but these fishermen are mostly interested in Pike and Perch. Fishermens Heil.

söndag 14 maj 2017

Du skall klara dig i 72 timmar !!!

Under den gångna veckan har man i Årjängs kommun, liksom i riket i stort satsat, på information om hur man vid olika former av kris skall klara sig i 72 timmar.
På vår brandstation visade man en brandbil, en polisbil och när det gavs tillfälle även en ambulans. Det var även en del information av en beredskaps samordnarer.

På lördagen var man på torget i Årjäng. Man tala om hur man handlar om strömmen är borta.  Att man skall ha några dunkar för vatten. Vidare  en KRISLÅDA med några konservburkar, lite ljus, ficklampa, spagetti, tändstickor, personliga mediciner, batteri radio och telefonnummer till anhöriga m.m. Det är även en del andra saker i en sådan ”krislåda”.

Man skall ha möjlighet att med olika friluftskök kunna laga varm mat. På medborgarkontoret i Årjäng finns en del broschyrer om hur man skall handla om världen blir UPP och NED.

Sedan 60 talet har vi på Nordmarkens Kanot Center drivit internationella överlevnadskurser under begreppet WEISS, som står för Wilderness Experience International Survival School. Under 6-10 dygn har vi lärt deltagar, att med minimal utrustning klara sig i vildmark under lång tid.
Personligen hävdar jag att har man bra vana med friluftsliv och tränat detta under turer i naturen, vandrande, med kanot eller bara strövat runt några dygn så är man bra rustas vid eventuella kriser med kunskap om hur man på bästa sätt skall klara sig med bristande resurser.

Det är givetvis stor skillnad om man bor i ett höghus i en storstad eller om man som stadsborna kallar det ”på landet”. Det är två helt olika senarior. På landet har man en mängd fördelar.
Personligen anser jag att man bör ha en praktisk uthållighet betydligt längre än det som politikerna och MSB föreslå, 72 timmar.

I dag är det en uppsjö av Bushcraft kurser, överlevnadskurser och allmänt friluftsliv. Med mera än 60 års vana i just friluftsliv som yrke, förordar jag att ovana tar del i en kurs och övrig information.
Civilförsvarsförbundet, MSB kommuner har i dag en hel del bra information hur man handlar vid kriser i samhället, Skaffa gärna denna information.

Det moderna samhället börja ju bli så bekvämt att det är obekvämt, men många har inte förstått detta. Så vänner ”tänk efter före” och inte när det är för sent. 

Detta i all välmening utan att vara en ”besservisser.


torsdag 11 maj 2017

Shit snow again.

Sometimes as a canoe outfitter I can feel lucky, we have no guest out today. Yesterday a multisport activities for 21 people the whole day in relative fine weather, a bit windy and cold wind. But OK.
Today snowfall in Nordmarken and the canoe area with wet snow, cold and not very nice to be out on a canoe tour. So it will be to stay at the office planning for the canoe season.  

onsdag 3 maj 2017

Happy days, thank you.

Today there will be a 100% better road from Sillegårdsed´s cross and down to Risviken and Nordmarken Canoe Center total ca 8 km. Big machines and a 10 man crew are working from early morning to late evening and nest week the 10th of May we got a very good and safe road. Right now you can reach us from the south without any problem.

Back again after 32 years

This older gentleman from Holland was our guest 32 years ago on a wilderness canoe tour in Nordmarken. He was here two times and then he returns with his 14 years old daughter.
Today he came with his family to show where he 32 years ago had a fine tour. They are hiring a hut in Nordmarken for a week and will return next year.
It’s so nice to have “old” costumers on visit  and also what we call repeat business.

måndag 1 maj 2017

Filming again this time fishing.

Another crew filming at Nordmarken Kanot Center. This time a team of 5 people who made some episode of Pike fishing in the area. The fishing in Nordmarken is well known and some of the lakes are extreme good for just Pike. In some of the lakes there are both Salmon and Lake Trout and some reports this early spring have been very good. The team who was filming use catch and release method.  I was told that they got some pikers more than 100 cm. The film can I show on our WEB when is ready and Visit Värmland will have it to promote fishing in Värmland where Nordmarken is one of the location used this time. A very professional team of 5 people and I hope to see them again in the future .

söndag 30 april 2017

Back again for tour number 30 th

In 1986 these people father and son, was guest at Nordmarken Kanot Center in Risviken. Since then they have been back almost every year ( 30 years) just around the first of May month.  So also 2017 almost at the same date. They will be out for a short week and told me that the canoe area is almost free from other canoers and the lakes are crystal clear.

Things happening fast right nowl

New Season 2017.

Thing are happening very fast now. At our Base Camp we have update our shelters with new roof and sealing’s
Total closing of road

The main road from Sillegårdsed to Risviken ( from the north) will be total closed from the 3rd-  4th – 5th  of the month of May and even on the 8th of May. There will be new asphalt and the road . Very good

The work start at 06.00 in the morning  and goes on to  ca 20:00. Night time road is open.
You can drive to Nordmarken Canoe Center from the south. The work start at Risviken and go north ca 2 km per day. And it means that you can drive to and return us from south the 3rd  of May in late evening.

Sorry but the road have to be in good condition the comming years

måndag 17 april 2017

Gone Fishing

Ice is gone several weeks ago. I few canoers has been on tour. The best news is that fishing for Lake Trout and Salmon and some Rainbow trout is on top. We still have some free periods free on our fishing hot BOCKUDDEN, good for 6 person and with a fishing boat in the price. So right now a group of 6 people pay 1000:- per person for a full fishing week. Shorter time you pay 1.300 for the house per night= 24h. Just call and we will make your reservation for a good fishing adventure.

fredag 31 mars 2017

Nytt fenomen

För vi som bor i skogsregionerna och till stor del eldar med ved, så är det ju en hel del arbete. Fälla träd under vintern, köra hem, såga och klyva, låta torka i vårsolen för att senare stapla i vedbod eller utomhus, oftast för en del tyvärr med diverse plåtar och gamla presenningar. USH !
Under hösten fick jag reda på ett ganska lite känt fenomen. Detta har man tidigare, bland nybyggarna i Nord Amerika, lärt av indianer och är numera bekräftas av Smithsonian Institutet i Washington.
Så här gör man. Under senhösten samlar man nedfall grankottar. Tar dessa inomhus, gärna i närheten av en värmekälla. När de är torra till ca 98% doppar man dessa i en blandning av följande:
! liter 3% Värmlands mjölk. 1 liter apelsinjuice och en flaska amerikansk 75 cl. Bourbon whiskey.

Slå blandningen i en större hink, lägg i de torra kottarna och vänta några dagar innan de tas upp. De har då blivit mycket stora och efter torkning utgör de ett perfekt bränsle. 4-5 kottar som läggs in i kaminen under kvällen är fortfarande i glöd på morgonen dagen efter.

På bilden syns dels nyligen, mindre kottar som har torkat, och så några stora som varit i blandningen under ett par dagar och som jag i dag skall bruka som ersättnings ved.

Så numera vid Nordmarkens Kanot Center kommer vi att i fortsättningen endast att elda med denna nya typ av kottar.  Vi provstartar i större skala i dag den 1 April.




fredag 10 mars 2017

Belgian TV in Nordmarken

After five days and nights the Survival programme for Lecter Media N.V. from Belgium came to an end this late afternoon. The six people crew, and the two celebrities finely came to Nordmarken Canoe Center and a warm fire and some nice food was waiting for them.
It has been nice to see that the group didn’t took any shortcuts and they have been sleeping under a large rock or cave and one night almost under a pine. A 22 meter repelling from a cliff was the last test and in fine sun at was Ok even if the two participants was a bit hungry and tired.

Good PR for Värmland
Deep respect from me for the team and the two “survives” and the guide that took care of security.


torsdag 16 februari 2017

Back again.

So far this winter there has been no problem for the Deer to find food. But this morning a young buck came just outside my office feeding on what we have for the Birds. Nice to have them back again and I do hope more snow will come real soon.

onsdag 8 februari 2017

Long time ago, but still working.

About 40 years ago we bought a new Macfie canoe made from Morten Gedda in his workshop near Alingsås in Sweden. Our two sons Kim and Peter wanted to make a test and see how the Macfie canoe behaves in rough water. They start paddling in the canoe bay and out on Västra Silen. I was waiting on the shore with my camera and after a while they was paddling in high speed following large waves almost like surfing. The Macfie canoe was very good and only a little bit of water came into the canoe. That is the advantage with The Macfie canoes, the shape is so good that that the canoe follow the waves excellent. We still have some Wooden Macfie Canoe at Nordmarken Canoe Center and we use them sometimes for private tours.


måndag 6 februari 2017

 I´m joking again. This photo is some years old. Today 6th of February we don’t have any is on Västra Silen. So feel free to hire a canoe for a tour.
The next days there will be cold weather in Nordmarken so I’m hoping for some fine ice so we can go winter fishing in the end of the week.

tisdag 24 januari 2017

Smoke signal from Nordmarken

It´s not normal out there. We don’t have any winter now. There is time to do something else. Right now some guests are booking canoes for the summer, some reser...vation on our wilderness house Bockudden and international contacts with agencies who want to make reservation for the coming period. We even got an early booking with one of the large Montreal canoes.
I got time now to do experiment for coming programme at the WEISS training our International Survival training and some prepping. Today I used some left over small candles, let them melt down carefully and then dip coons from pine trees into the warm stearin. I even put some larger coons at one end. Now I got some very fine “Firestarter” for the winter coming, I hope.
I saw some advertising with 9 coons in a paper box for a price of 189:- SEK. So if some want to bay just tell me and you can have a very love price 1:- SEK per coon (No that’s a joke) I will keep them for myself. It works just fine to light a fire.

fredag 20 januari 2017

Latest news from Nordmarken

The new wooden shelter at camp 81 in the DANO canoe area has been working very well last summer, year 2016. The old one burned down several years ago, but now DANO Camp 81 is in very good condition again. Camp 81 is just a few kilometres south of Nordmarken Canoe Center and is situated on land belonging to us.
The new organisation for the DANO area, who has been working for about a Year now, to take care, organise and give service to canoers in the large Canoe Country Dalsland- Nordmarken called DANO have done a very good job.

The New DANO had also printed a new canoe map in Swedish, German and English, and an App which you can open with smartphones and see photos of almost all 110 camps in the area and a lot of good information to you as user in the DANO area if you travel by canoe, boat or just hiking in the area.
We at Nordmarken Canoe Center, who started 1956, are very pleased to have the new organisation and I am member of the Board as a Canoe Outfitter in the new organisation.

In a longer period there will be improvement on camps, new camps will be established in the DANO area and there is a new idea of making small camp only for two canoes at the place at the same time. Lots of our guests are looking for remote area and some solitude on the tour.
There will only be a toilet and place for campfire. Just the same a saw years ago when visiting Boundary Canoe Waters in Northern Minnesota in USA.

We had a meeting this week with the Fire Brigade personnel to get information about incident season 2016 and there have only been some minor things, but we also had some discussion about wearing safety wests when paddling in a canoe. There has been some minor rescue of canoers due to very hard weather with high waves and storm.
There was also information that it’s only allowed to have a camp fire at the approved DANO campsites. There has been some minor fire a several places and we will remind our guests that they can come to a situation where they has to pay the cost for destroyed nature
Today 20th of January you can paddle almost on every larger lake, it’s not a normal winter, no snow and about +5 so canoe season will start early this year.

The photo is from last evening at ca 16; 30 a very fine sunset.