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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

tisdag 24 januari 2017

Smoke signal from Nordmarken

It´s not normal out there. We don’t have any winter now. There is time to do something else. Right now some guests are booking canoes for the summer, some reser...vation on our wilderness house Bockudden and international contacts with agencies who want to make reservation for the coming period. We even got an early booking with one of the large Montreal canoes.
I got time now to do experiment for coming programme at the WEISS training our International Survival training and some prepping. Today I used some left over small candles, let them melt down carefully and then dip coons from pine trees into the warm stearin. I even put some larger coons at one end. Now I got some very fine “Firestarter” for the winter coming, I hope.
I saw some advertising with 9 coons in a paper box for a price of 189:- SEK. So if some want to bay just tell me and you can have a very love price 1:- SEK per coon (No that’s a joke) I will keep them for myself. It works just fine to light a fire.

fredag 20 januari 2017

Latest news from Nordmarken

The new wooden shelter at camp 81 in the DANO canoe area has been working very well last summer, year 2016. The old one burned down several years ago, but now DANO Camp 81 is in very good condition again. Camp 81 is just a few kilometres south of Nordmarken Canoe Center and is situated on land belonging to us.
The new organisation for the DANO area, who has been working for about a Year now, to take care, organise and give service to canoers in the large Canoe Country Dalsland- Nordmarken called DANO have done a very good job.

The New DANO had also printed a new canoe map in Swedish, German and English, and an App which you can open with smartphones and see photos of almost all 110 camps in the area and a lot of good information to you as user in the DANO area if you travel by canoe, boat or just hiking in the area.
We at Nordmarken Canoe Center, who started 1956, are very pleased to have the new organisation and I am member of the Board as a Canoe Outfitter in the new organisation.

In a longer period there will be improvement on camps, new camps will be established in the DANO area and there is a new idea of making small camp only for two canoes at the place at the same time. Lots of our guests are looking for remote area and some solitude on the tour.
There will only be a toilet and place for campfire. Just the same a saw years ago when visiting Boundary Canoe Waters in Northern Minnesota in USA.

We had a meeting this week with the Fire Brigade personnel to get information about incident season 2016 and there have only been some minor things, but we also had some discussion about wearing safety wests when paddling in a canoe. There has been some minor rescue of canoers due to very hard weather with high waves and storm.
There was also information that it’s only allowed to have a camp fire at the approved DANO campsites. There has been some minor fire a several places and we will remind our guests that they can come to a situation where they has to pay the cost for destroyed nature
Today 20th of January you can paddle almost on every larger lake, it’s not a normal winter, no snow and about +5 so canoe season will start early this year.

The photo is from last evening at ca 16; 30 a very fine sunset.