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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

onsdag 31 juli 2019

Lots of work in the heat,

The weekend at Nordmarken Kanot Center is very busy. Friday afternoon and Saturday until midday about 60 guests arrived back to Base Camp from their canoe tour. At the same time new buss from Travelbase with 60 people arrive and they take of at Sunday morning after instruction about paddling and responsibilities in the nature. We also have some guests on private tour as well. So far we have had very warm weather but today the last day of July it more normal Swedish temperature and weather. There have been a little bit of rain and it was very good the forest fire risk is not so high any more. From our guests we have got good info that nobody has seen camp fire outside the approved campsites in the DANO canoe area.

måndag 29 juli 2019

Go higher.

Just nu 28 Juli är det kraftigt varmt i Risviken på Nordmarkens Kanot Center. Vi passade på att komma upp på lite högre höjder för att se omgivningen. Bilden är ej min men fotografen är inom familjen. Troligen var det lite kallare på denna höjd.

Dubbel bait

Some of our guests have luck when fishing in Nordmarken. Last week one guest got a fine Pike on the bait but when he have to take the Pike to the canoe a larger Pike bit the Pike who was on the hook. The first Pike was killed and the larger Pike to off. The first one was grilled.

måndag 8 juli 2019

¨Modern society ?

I am wondering about modern society. When I started as a Canoe outfitter in late 1955, we had telephone in our house with a number 22 and an A. The neighbour had a B. If I have to call Copenhagen, I must drive to the nearest little town Billingsfors. Go to the telephone station and ask the lady for a connection and normally stay there for ca. 20-30 minute. If I went on a 14 day canoe tour with guest, I was very lucky if I could go in to a house and ask if they had a telephone I could use, for calling home and give a report. If I had a problem, I have to fix it; it was up to me and only me. Today if people are on canoe tour, and there is a small problem, they call and ask for help as long as they have battery. When I started as a canoe outfitter, we cover missing equipment with experience, today people cower missing experience with equipment, or call for help on telephone and start blaming other as soon as they can. This is the modern society! OR?

söndag 7 juli 2019

Problem solved

We had a problem. 26 scouts from Denmark want to go on a canoe tour from Nordmarken Canoe Center. But we didn’t have any canoes for them. Many years ago leaders from this group from Köge in Denmark, was our guests and they had recommended us. So what to do? I call a college at Sommarvik Camping near Årjäng and they had free canoes so the problem was solved. This morning they started on a 6 day tour from us in good weather condition and all was very happy, the leaders chosen a very good tour. Nice when we can help people with Business to Business in the DANO canoe area.

torsdag 4 juli 2019

Peak season in DANO canoe area-

Now there is a Peak season in the DANO canoe area. A good deal of canoers is out on tour. There have been 2 capsize last week some people think they can paddle in heavy wind and high weaves. Help from canoe outfitter and other canoe folks took part of the rescue so everything went OK but there was dropped some equipment. The weather forecast is not 100 % OK but if people use late evening or early morning to paddle there is normally no problem. Wind will slow dawn under this period. One group are from Travel Base in Belgium and they are running The Canoe Trip and their staffs are doing very well with security in important information.

tisdag 2 juli 2019

Back for new adventure for the fourth time

A group of young kids from Germany are out for a 12 day canoe tour in Nordmarken from Nordmarken Canoe Center. The leader has been our guest 4 times before and knows our rules and drill with security and how to behave in the nature.

The morning pray !

Before a canoe group can start they have to listen ca. 30 minutes with information about security, how to act in nature and common info about the canoe area and how to behave on tour. This group have a bus travel together, but at start they chose different routes for there week tour.

Not Himalaya but OK for young people

It’s not always we at Nordmarken Canoe Center are paddling. We have a lot of other activities and today there is a group from a college who want to have a break with climbing, we started in rain but just before climbing on rock started the sun was shining and cliff drayed out, and climbing a bit easier.

måndag 1 juli 2019

Listen to the one who knows

Today there is a very hard wind and high waves in the Nordmarken canoe area. People are told before start to stay at land if here are high waves and heavy wind. Two canoes capsized to day around 1400 one north of Ed and one in the middle of Västra Silen. As far as I know some of the folks didn’t have their safety west on. Canoe outfitters in the area always tell the canoes to have safety west on while paddling. 112 emergency was on the way but folks came to shore with some help from canoe outfitter and others had to swim to shore where they got help from other canoes. So stay on shore if weather is bad, but some don’t listen. The foto is not from this episode its from some training and not my foto..