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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

torsdag 16 februari 2017

Back again.

So far this winter there has been no problem for the Deer to find food. But this morning a young buck came just outside my office feeding on what we have for the Birds. Nice to have them back again and I do hope more snow will come real soon.

onsdag 8 februari 2017

Long time ago, but still working.

About 40 years ago we bought a new Macfie canoe made from Morten Gedda in his workshop near Alingsås in Sweden. Our two sons Kim and Peter wanted to make a test and see how the Macfie canoe behaves in rough water. They start paddling in the canoe bay and out on Västra Silen. I was waiting on the shore with my camera and after a while they was paddling in high speed following large waves almost like surfing. The Macfie canoe was very good and only a little bit of water came into the canoe. That is the advantage with The Macfie canoes, the shape is so good that that the canoe follow the waves excellent. We still have some Wooden Macfie Canoe at Nordmarken Canoe Center and we use them sometimes for private tours.


måndag 6 februari 2017

 I´m joking again. This photo is some years old. Today 6th of February we don’t have any is on Västra Silen. So feel free to hire a canoe for a tour.
The next days there will be cold weather in Nordmarken so I’m hoping for some fine ice so we can go winter fishing in the end of the week.