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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

lördag 30 april 2016

Wir sind wider da!

Yesterday 29/4 there was about 10 cm of snow. Today 30/4 our first canoe guests came for a 6 day canoe tour. Normally we open the first of May, but these two gentlemen and very good canoers have been our guests five times. After a bit of security talk they started for a long tour. They had their first tour 1982, but the last 4 years they have made a very early tour or late in the autumn when there are almost none out in the canoe area Nordmarken. Respect and a bit more.

torsdag 28 april 2016

Så var det Älg igen,

Jag har skrivit tidigare att man skall se upp för älgar på vägerna just nu. I dag 28/4 körde jag mot Årjäng från Nordmarkens Kanot Center och strax bredvid vägen var det en ganska sliten Älgko med en mycket liten kalv. Kalvens storlek
var ungefär som de är på hösten när vi jagar.Den borde ha växt sig större från oktober 2015 det är ju 6 månader sedan.

tisdag 26 april 2016

One step ahead.

To live outside urban area is a challenge. You have to cut firewood for the next winter or sometimes for the winter to come a year later. I started to day cutting some firewood north of the Nordmarken Canoe Center. In the afternoon I started to split it so it will dry faster for the winter to come.
  No- I´m joking a bit- the big clear cut is some real big machine cutting timber. But the pail of wood is for the coming winter to our timber house. It must dry at least 6-8 month before use. Cut in the forest must be done in February and split before month of May and in the barn before midsummer, so is the rules for having good firewood next winter. The one who preparer will “survive” a golden rule in the wilderness.



måndag 25 april 2016

Be careefull on the road.

Now on date 25 April the female Moose is chasing away the year old calf’s. They are not use to be alone, so they are running free and are a great danger to traffic and we do have severe accident in Nordmarken with cars running into moose on the road. Today a saw one large female moose and two calf’s beside the road. So take it easy around Nordmarken Kanot Center.

fredag 22 april 2016

På väg mot norr.

På denna tid av året i slutet av april månad, drog pälsjägarna mot norr från Montreal  / Quebec  i Canada till forten uppe i norr mot Fort France, Fort Churchill med flera platser. Man hade med framför allt metall, knivar, gevär, grytor, filtar m.m. Man bytte till sig bäverskin som så småningom hamnade i Europa.

Late light.

Only a few days before the first canoe go on tour in Nordmarken. Some evening there are a magnificent light over the Canoe Bay.

torsdag 21 april 2016

Start young!

Climbing start early with costumers. This children learn to  make a double 8 knot before climbing on our tower.

tisdag 19 april 2016

Nu går det framåt på flera sätt!

Trevligt att Hotell affären i Årjäng tydligen är i hamn och att Best Western hotellet under ledning av Maria Åhgren kommer att fungera i framtiden. Ett litet exempel hur viktigt det är för både industrin och besöksnäringar i Kommunen.
Har haft besök av två representanter för en mycket stor researrangör från Belgien. Under 4 dagar har jag visat dessa vad Nordmarken kan erbjuda av olika aktiviteter. Hotellet ställde upp med en typiskt svensk middag. Sillbord, Älgkött med svampsås och hjortron till efterrätten. En riktig höjdare för de internationella gästerna. Det hela resulterade i att 35 personer kommer till oss under 9 dygn för diverse aktiviteter under sensommaren och att de började planera för eventuellt nytt program med övernattning på hotellet mellan olika vildmarks aktiviteter. Det är Business to Business när det är som bäst.

måndag 18 april 2016

Again wilderness closing in,

Have had a visit from two leaders from a youth organisation in Belgium for planning a Wilderness Camp for 35 people this coming late summer. We have been to Glaskogen and got an answer from a wolf a bit far away. Saw a large Moose and some dear but this morning 18/4 when made Recon for a Mountain Bike tour, a big wild boar was standing right in front of my car. Got some photos but the wind shield was between so the picture is not very sharp. It´s nice to let costumers see some of the animals in Nordmarken around Nordmarken Canoe Center.

torsdag 14 april 2016

Birch Bark

Today 14/4  I´m working again with firewood for the coming canoe season. I collect a lot of birch bark for starting fire in the winter season in the private main building. But I just got a photo of another way to use birch bark. At Nordmarken Kanot Center we have some miniature Birch bark Canoes in scale 1 to 5 and larger Montreal Voyageur Canoe 1 to 11.

onsdag 13 april 2016

Good news.

Fixing for the coming season with canoes, paddles, safety wests and a lot more I just found a small paper where we have our Bed & Breakfast.
The note’s was.

9/9 15
Thank you so much for your warm welcome and hospitality. After 16 days in the Swedish forest and on the lakes, it was wonderful to spend two nights in this great B&BTake care and hope to see you soon / love (and a name I can’t see.)
It´s always nice to have feedback from costumers.
Thank you so much.

tisdag 12 april 2016

Mountain man food.

Now is the time to check you pan and be ready to go out on tour with canoe. At our Base Camp in Risviken at Nordmarken Kanot Center we often make real  ” Mountain Man” Bannock over open fire.

It´s some kind of the food the Voyageurs was eating on tour with the large Montreal Canoes in Canada. On tour with our two Montreal canoes we also make Bannock bread in the evening.


söndag 10 april 2016

Never underestimate old canoers

I just observe a photo about not to underestimate old canoers on a T-shirt. I´m 83 years old and still do some canoeing when taking part of running Nordmarken Kanot Center in Årjäng.
I´m pleased every time I see young guests on tour and we have had guest who was here very young and now coming back with their children. This young girl on the photo has been our guest several time and we do hope to see her again a bit older,

fredag 8 april 2016


New rules for fishing  in Vestra Silen.  It now only allowed catching two (2) Salmon / Lake Trout or Rainbow Trout per day and Canoe/Boat.  We at Nordmarken Kanot Center salute this so we can have good fishing the coming years. So fishermen keep a tight line and go by the rules on tour.

We will avoid “Over Kill” like showed at the photo taken in southern part of the lake some years ago.

måndag 4 april 2016


Last year we tried to offer Bed & Breakfast for our guests at Nordmarken Kanot Center, so it can be used before or after a tour. Some guests stayed at B&B and took daily tours around Risviken and even to other lakes for a day trip.  We started yesterday,  3 April  a BtoB with  and on the WEB there you can see our offer . Click on the page Värmland and the Årjäng and you will find our Bed & Breakfast.

lördag 2 april 2016

Ice gone.

The Ice is gone at all lakes in Nordmarken. In a few weeks the nature will be green and some flowers are already to see. Lota of birds are arriving from the south and they are building nests.

Our first guests will go on tour very soon and we at Nordmarken Kanot Center are prepared to take care of them and snow good tours. Fishing is at the moment very good. The  Pike season will start as soon as the birch get some small green leaves.