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Risviken, Sandvika, Årjäng, Värmland, Sweden
Jag heter Preben Mortensen. Varit aktiv med friluftsliv och kanot sedan 1956. Driver Nordmarkens Kanot Center AB med familjen strax söder Årjäng vid Västra Silen. Syftet med denna blogg är att du kan ta del av min vardag och de senaste äventyren och annat som rör aktivt friluftsliv. Gå till så kan du se hela vårt program på Nordmarkens Kanot Center.

söndag 6 april 2014

People are different

About 8000-9000 years there were people in south Sweden. From the Stone Age up to what we call Bronze Age there is a lot of different thing to find from this epoch. Remarkable rock carvings near water and where this early people were traveling. Yesterday I was visiting one of these rocks carving area and found a lot of fine Rock carvings. On the road back I came to an area where there was an old graveyard from the Bronze Age. There was also a parking area where modern people have made their signs. About 60 meter of trash along parking area on Road 26 north bound south of Kristinehamn. There are often people who claim that canoers are the one who pollute the nature but on this spot there is a 100% guaranty no foreigners and no canoers have done this. It come from Swedes going to or from there winter vacation.

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